Updates and News

keep up to date with where the Fleming Hybrids are showing up in the News..

2011 has been an exciting year for Flemings Flower Fields!  This is our first full year of selling propagates of our own hybrids and it feels great.  We are also looking forward to fine tuning the operation and really cranking the Hibiscus and Crepes out next year to meet ALL of the demand.  We began selling our own finished at Wholefoods in Fresno, CA this year and it was fun to introduce a relatively new plant in hardy Hibiscus to this area of the country where our Hibiscus do so well.  We also began developing our new hybridizing and growing operation in Illinois to be completed in Spring of 2012.  We are devoted to helping our other licensed growers to supply the Fleming Hybrids to our loyal fans.  We have had a great year selling retail mailorder to our wonderful customers.  We absolutely love talking to the home gardener and hearing their stories of how their Fleming hardy Hibiscus or Crepe myrtle made them feel joyous this season.  Keep the pictures coming.. 

We had new advertising and a new catalog this year that is all being expanded for 2012, when we will adding the Fleming Hardy Mums™ and other Fleming Favorites™ to the mix.  Part of these additions will be some of our favorite Tropical Hybrid Hibiscus. 

Please continue to check back with us as well as we had some nice articles written about us this year and we will be pushing for more this year so people continue to learn about the love we have for Hardy Hibiscus and Crapemyrtle that we are dying to pass on to you.

We are also revamping our oldest website over the next months at www.flemingsflowerfields.com , which is now 'Fleming's Hibiscus Hut'.  This special site will be selling garden art and gifts for indoors and out, all celebrating the beauty of hardy Hibiscus.  For example, wouldn't you love to have replica gnomes of the Flemings Brothers to guard your hardy Hibiscus or life size stained glass replicas of your favorite Fleming Hibiscus to hang in your window to remind you during the winter months.... Check it out.