Hibiscus Tea Recipe

Here is a recipe from one of our favorite customers for your own homemade Hardy Hibiscus Tea. The benefits are endless.. Higher vitamin C than any other plant.

We are very proud to post the Fleming 'Fireball' (Hardy Hibiscus) Tea recipe from our fanatic friend Janna of Gearing, Nebraska.  Thanks so much, Janna, for this recipe for 'Fireball' (hardy Hibiscus) Tea.  Drink Warm or Cold. 

This recipe is quite easy and a fun way to use your flowers while you watch them bloom in the summer heat.

Janna has a few hardy Hibiscus, 'Fireball' in her front yard.  She said she had a garage sale one weekend and the people were more interested in buying her Fireball plants than clearing out her driveway...  They are a nice flowering commodity to have, reaching 4 feet high and wide, absolutely covered in 12" bold red, overlapping flowers.  But, a flower only lasts one full day in the hot sun.  Why not do what Janna did and remove the spent flowers and dry them in a flat container.  When you have enough saved up and dried,  (1) crush them into flakes and place them in a tea bag.  (2) boil water. pour into mug.  (3) Add teabag and cover to let steep for a few more minutes or let it cool and fill a pitcher for an iced tea you can also make a suntea.  You can even add the dry flakes to your favorite teabag mix.  The high amount of vitamin C in homemade tea would be much more readily available to you this way, then in a Hibiscus tea mix that you buy.