Organic and Sustainable Growing

Flemings Flower Fields has been almost 100% organic in its growing practices for 16 years now. Let us explain how easy it is to do with pest resistant Fleming Hybrids and how much safer it is for you and your family.

Around 1996, Flemings Flower Fields went through an unexpected change.  The company started by the Fleming Brothers, who were world war II Vets and quite familiar with chemicals used in the garden industry, decided it was time to make a change.  The Flemings had used chemical means mostly because they lived during a time when man-made chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and insecticides were so accepted, but after 50 plus years of scrutinizing plants in their fields, they realized that the pests had become resistant to most of the chemicals but not the natural ones like insecticial soap.  Being scientists from the WWII era, the brothers were also aware of the relation between agent orange and most of the chemical applications for the garden industry.  They also had some new younger apprentices' helping at the flower farms now and being the tender gentlemen that they were, they were  concerned with their helpers exposure to these questionable chemicals.  Not to mention, Jim Bob and Dave wondered how much they and their collegues health problems could be traced back to this closeness to these chemicals over the years.  Since then we have tried to 'grow organic' and have noticed that it is much easier and more effective than the more dangerous chemical means.  We do not use harmful insecticides instead we use natural means such as Pyganic, or Insecticidal Soap. Our Herbicides are also Organic and less harmful like Matran. We do not clean with harmful chemicals either. Instead we use Physan or Green Shield.

As we have seen in recent years more reprocussions are becoming obvious from using so many petrochemicals which in turn has created an outcry for less harmful/more natural products. It only makes sense to use something natural when dealing with something from nature. Keeping your areas clean will start you off on the right path coupled with periodic uses of organic herbicides for your weeds and organic insecticides for your pests will help keep your garden GREEN.