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About Us

Since the dawn of hibiscus ans perennial hybridizing, the Fleming Brothers have been on the scene.  Their forward thinking led them to create some of the most colorful and useful hybrids ever seen still to this day.  Their own colorful personalities are forever locked in their amazing plants that have to be seen to believe. In fact, we often have to prove to people that our Crapemyrtle or Hibiscus will live in the tundra, but today it is now pretty well established.  The brothers were always interested in sharing their indigeneous knowledge about their Hibiscus and perennials with all who would listen.  They broke ground in the industry with unbelievably unique and winter hardy plants with large refined overlapping flowers and smooth refined leaves, for interspecies crosses once considered impossible and tried and true ethics above all.  They always wanted to patent and sell their later hybrids worldwide with their name on them and live in infamy for their 60 years of complusive work.  In their last decade they came upon a true apprentice that fit their situation perfectly and who grew to love and respect them and their 'out of the box ' ideas.  Her name was Gretchen Zwetzig. Over the years she became part of the company, and privy to the many secrets of hybridizing they held.  She helped them select out the plants they wanted from hundreds down to 50 and began to focus on patenting their top creations.  They didn't want to release everything but only the truly original creations they felt gardeners deserved and that they wouldn't have to "test" themselves.  Gretchen helped them acheive the brothers final goal of patenting the best plants that they had created and putting them out for sale.  By the time, Dave the youngest brother past away in 2001, Fleming's Flower Fields had patented 20 different varieties accross several species.  Luckily, Kerry Cooper joined the team in 2000, adding his many talents to the mix and helping our endevours  in testing and patenting plants, creating  ads,etc (the list goes on) and today he is our Sales and Office Manager.  Next was finding the growers who would truly recognize the potential that their new hibiscus could have on the perennial market but also respect the inventors and their Patent Rights. In 1999, 'Kopper King's' release started the hardy Hibiscus Revolution with the public becoming aware and wanting one for their garden.  We quickly realized that we needed more wholesale growers and suppliers and began adding the most reputable ones right away.  After adding more growers , an opportunity in 2007 to enter the growing side again came up so we moved from Lincoln, Nebraska to Lindsay, California and put up some growing facilities and hybridizing fields to begin the next leg of the Fleming Company (Don't worry, we still do our hybridizing and testing in the midwest which we love).  Joe Schafer, a longtime consultant and friend to Flemings Flower Fields left his 20 year career as Landscape architect, propagator, etc to help head the new team at Fleming's Flower Fields, again proving 'three heads are better than one'.  Coming full circle after 65 years, we now hybridize, grow and sell for the benefit of the gardener and small business market both.  Offering top quality plants and customer service is our goal, just as it was for the brothers themselves.  If you have questions about our cultivars, patents or licensing, please contact Gretchen at 559-920-0161.  If you have retail or wholesale plant needs, please contact Kerry Cooper at 559-920-1476.  If you would like to ask cultural questions about our hybrids or have expert knowledge about landscaping with our Fleming Hybrids or gardening in general (including organic gardening), contact Joe Schafer at 559-788-8597.  We are never to busy to answer your questions, so feel free to call whenever you like.   We'd love to show you how the Fleming Hybrids™ can enhance your landscape, garden center, and life..